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Viele Straßen kreuzen sich

General requirements

  • Good infrastructural accessibility to the locations

  • There must be a connection to a public transport area

  • The area has already been developed

Transit charging

We build HPCs (High Power Chargers) each with > 300 kW nominal output on motorways and heavily frequented federal roads.

Urban charging

We build DC charging infrastructure directly on site in residential areas.

Destination charging

We build fast-charging infrastructure in well-frequented locations such as supermarkets, hotels and restaurants.

our locations

Do you have a location that you would like to suggest for the implementation of charging infrastructure?

We are looking forward to your contact!

Just a few steps to the charging station

Simple implementation - from the first contact to the operational phase, we implement the project together at your location. 

Viele Straßen kreuzen sich

Thomas Staudinger, Managing Director

In order to achieve the climate goals, the timely expansion of public charging infrastructure in Germany is essential.
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