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Step by step to the charging infrastructure

Our experienced project team enables projects to be implemented quickly and easily. With a network of established partners, we are able to develop both smaller locations and large charging parks. 

parking spot

1. Area security

Our actions are characterized by partnership-based cooperation with the property owner and are reflected in transparent lease agreements at fair fees.

2.  Mains connection

We clarify with the local energy supplier whether the existing network at the location has sufficient capacity or whether a technical expansion needs to be carried out. 


3. Partner selection

If desired, we will develop the concept for the location together with the lessor. In addition to the procurement of components, we also take care of the necessary coordination with authorities.

4. Construction and operation

We take on all tasks during the construction and operation phase. As a landlord you don't have to worry about anything.

Image by Maxim Hopman

This is how charging works at Stark Energy

We offer you the construction of charging infrastructure with maximum connectivity. At our charging stations you can use all common charging apps or ad hoc via EC & Load credit card. 

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