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Elektroauto auf der Autobahn

Charging with Stark Energy

We rely on proven technology and an open network in order to be able to offer as many customers as possible a comfortable charging experience.

Easily search and find charging stations

Our customers can find us via our extensive roaming network. We do not issue charging cards, but work with partners who issue their own charging cards.

On the phone


Our fast charging stations have the standardized CCS plug that all current electric vehicles are equipped with. The proven Type 2 plug is used on AC charging stations.

Image by Zaptec


We only use green electricity from renewable energy from German wind and solar power plants.


Green energy turbines

Billing and prices

We let you decide how customers want to pay: whether with a credit card or charging card directly at the charging station or with an app from your provider - you have the freedom to choose. Billing takes place conveniently in the background.

Smiling man using a smartphone

Charging station technology

Our focus is on fast charging via direct current. For this purpose, we rely on established manufacturers of DC charging stations who guarantee high availability and error-free communication with the various interfaces.

Image by Ernest Ojeh

Excellent service

If something doesn't work out, we don't leave our customers out in the cold! Our charging stations have a 24/7 hotline.

Call center headset

Just a few steps to the charging station

Simple implementation - from the first contact to the operational phase, we implement the project together at your location. 

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